F1 RC Lab, le nouveau site de brad Palmer

Brad Palmer, l’homme derrière F1 paintlab, qui fait la plupart des plus beaux decals qu’on peut mettre sur nos F1 a un nouveau site web pour présenter ses plus belles réalisations et partager ses conseils en terme de décals et de peinture, mais pas que…

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Brad nous annonce aussi ce que va devenir sa société et les nouveaux services qu’il va fournir à l’avenir

October 9, 2013
For Release
Las Vegas, NV
A new brand will emerge on the R/C landscape at the 2013 International Indoor Championships: F1 RCLAB. Brad
Palmer, owner and founder of F1Paintlab, is announcing the new name and a new website, www.f1rclab.com.
« Since its inception, F1Paintlab has been involved with all aspects of Formula 1 R/C, but the name implied that we were only a painting service. »

F1 RCLAB better reflects the variety of services and activities the company is involved in. F1Paintlab was born out of executing highly detailed F1 replicas and has evolved into a premium full service shop. The new site offers a revised interface that provides customers a streamlined, more user-friendly experience.

Catering to both the R/C F1 racer and the Formula1 enthusiast since 2009, Palmer has built relationships and a
global following. « It started with the first finished project and a few posts on an enthusiast message forum, and day by day we keep adding to it. »

With a name more reflective of the company’s capabilities and services, Palmer hopes to attract a larger clientele.
Based in Waterford, Michigan, F1 RCLAB has a worldwide network of dealers that sells a variety of products and is a distributor for two international brands, Pardus Racing and Italy’s WRC.

F1 RCLAB is here in Las Vegas as both a sponsor and a competitor, something Palmer says is important on multiple
levels. “F1 RCLAB sponsors the premier IIC event in support of the hobby and the racers, but I am also here racing to
show customers that we race what we sell.


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