Serpent F110 SF4

Serpent présente sa nouvelle formule 1 F110 SF4. Beaucoup de nouveautés sur cette version avec un pod sans link et l’implantation possible des Lipo en longitudinal et en transversal tout en gardant le design étroit du châssis. Pour l’implantation en longitudinal le pack peut etre monté par le dessous du châssis et sera maintenu par une plaque en aluminium. Autre nouveauté le support d’aileron arrière est monté sur le châssis et non plus sur le pod arrière, cela devrait permettre une meilleure stabilité particulièrement sur les circuits bosselés et a haute vitesse. On retrouve également un nouveau train avant avec deux supports possible pour le servo. 

Lipo longitudinal or Lipo transversal with narrow chassis design

The new side bearing design opens the possibility to use both inline and cross lipo orientation while keeping a narrow chassis design.
Special holders for lipo’s.
Special electronics holders included in the kit for both configurations
Full strength topdeck to prevent longitudinal flex and keep torsional flex on a reasonable level. 2 body mount positions are included. It does not need to be removed to exchange the lipo.
screw Lipo mount in all lipo orientations. For the inline lipo orientation, the lipo is held by an aluminium holder that can be removed though the chassis bottom. For the transversal lipo orientation, the lipo can be pulled through the side. This is possible thanks to the no-link design. No more excuses not to charge the lipo in the car.
The race-proven and strong front suspension from the F110 SF3 is evolved with more width to increase the stability of the car, especially on corner entry. It also prevents traction roll effectively.
New 2-position servo mounting plate which works as front topdeck at the same time, preventing mutual influence between longitudinal chassis flex and steering.
This leads to a new, very precise steering feeling.
New wing mount which is independent of the rear pod movement. It is connected to the chassisplate via sideplates that run under the rear shaft and diff. This makes the suspension work much more like a independent suspension car by massively reducing the inertia of the pod. In addition, the angle of attack of the wing is very constant compared to the traditional design. It also allows to run more rear droop without making the car unstable during high speed cornering.
What you feel is superior high speed rear grip, more stability over bumps, and when you overdrive the car, the hobbling effect of the rear is prevented in most cases.
New double short tube system for the rear roll damping. Compared to the single tube design, it gives a 100% symmetric driving feel.
The tubes also work as roll limiter, which reduces the risk of dirt getting into the tubes or oil leaking out from them.
New ultra-low center of gravity rear pod. The angled rear plate gives torsional stiffness, protecting the rear shaft and bearings, while keeping all masses low in the pod. This increases rear grip of the car, and preventing grip roll in high grip conditions. At the same time, body touching with the pod is largely reduced.
The bulkheads are completely redesigned to keep masses as low as possible. They are positioned more to the center to reduce inertia.
The rear shaft mount is completely new and innovative. Ride height and wheelbase can be adjusted very precise with shims.
New ball diff with an additional long-life thrust bearing that runs very smooth and still allows a strong locking effect to outperform todays bevel gear diffs on most surfaces
Rear shaft with variable diameter. With the traditional rear shaft design, aluminium reaches its limit when it comes to impact resistance. This leads to aluminium being not the usual choice for rear shafts. Also the right bearing is stressed far more than the left bearing.
With the bigger (8mm) bearing on the right side, both problems can be overcome and a lightweight and still strong rear shaft is the result. 
Pod Bulkheads completely keyed to the graphite plates to avoid tweak issues


Manual F110 SF4

Ref Guide F110 SF4


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