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pour le frein tu as fais la procédure décrite dans le manuel ?

A) Switch off the ESC, turn on the transmitter, set the direction of throttle channel to ”REV”, set the throttle trim to “0”, set the “EPA/ATV” value of throttle channel to “100%”, and disable the ABS function of your transmitter.
B) Use a pen or screw driver to hold the “SET” key and then switch on the ESC, and release the “SET” key as soon as possible when the red LED begins to flash.
(Refer to the picture on the right side)
C) Set the 3 points according to the steps shown as the pictures on the right side.
► The neutral point
► The end point of forward direction
► The end point of backward direction
D) When the process of calibration is finished, the motor can be started after 3 seconds.

sinon pour le frein en relachant c’est le reglage de la valeur du drag brake (toujours sur le vario)